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Antique Wardrobe with Mirror – Simply put them on quite like the charm of antique wardrobe. It whispers in the language of the past, telling a long and interesting story. The past is portrayed in a patina that defines the beauty and individuality with the piece. This is not to say that your new wardrobe is completely low in character and beauty. You will discover advantages to both new and antique wardrobes. Picking out an antique wardrobe versus a fresh one generally comes down to personal preference. But there are certain factors that could influence your decision.

The cost of antique wardrobes can be prohibitive. The expenses of any restorative work performed is added into your price. The history of the piece may have significance; therefore , that you are essentially buying a piece of history. An alternative to this would be to search flea markets for antique wardrobes and do the restoration work yourself. This allows you to build a wardrobe that is uniquely yours. However , this can be a very time-consuming task depending on the age, condition and size of the wardrobe.

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The options for either a new or an antique wardrobe are limitless. The factors of taste, cost, quality and availability can certainly help the decision. Overall, the choice between old and new is personal. An antique wardrobe captures the essence with the past. A new wardrobe is usually transformed to mirror the charm and appeal of an antique. Old or new, the wardrobe is a functional piece that can add character and warmth to your home. antique wardrobe with mirror, antique wardrobe with mirror doors, antique pine wardrobe with mirror, antique oak wardrobe with mirror, antique wardrobe with oval mirror, antique wardrobe dresser with mirror.

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